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Hours of Operation

05:00am until 10:00pm everyday

Contact Us

We highly recommend personal trainers and sessions are booked in advanced.

Please call +971 4 426 1432 or email DXB-Gym@atlantisthepalm.com

Everyday Wellness Tips

Technogym Wellness Tips

Download the Everyday Wellness Tips flyer (PDF, 500kb)


Atlantis Spa Awards

Workout in Atlantis at ShuiQi Fitness Centre

Staying in shape has never been as easy as with fitness facilities at Atlantis, The Palm. Alongside state-of-the-art equipment and knowledgeable and friendly staff, ShuiQi Fitness Centre offers stunning 360 degree views of the beach and pools, bringing the outdoors in while you work out.

ShuiQi Fitness Centre features a circular core which creates fluidity in space and ensures optimal flow in between the various workout zones. Fully equipped with the latest exclusive ARTIS® range from Technogym®, consisting of a complete and integrated CARDIO line (Treadmill, Elliptical, Vario, Bike and Recline) featuring the UNITY™ android platform, STRENGTH equipment, FUNCTIONAL stations (Kinesis and OMNIA) and FLEXIBILITY machines (posterior and anterior).

ShuiQi Fitness Centre usage is complimentary for all Atlantis guests.

Private Sessions

Personal Training

Duration: 60 minutes

A customised training session focused on your specific strengths and needs. The session is devised by a personal trainer skilled at providing the guidance and motivation for regular exercise and giving the interactive feedback needed to make the most of your time at the resort.

Inbody Composition Analyser

Duration: 30 minutes

InBody Composition Analyser looks beyond the number on the scale and shows you what your body is really made of. It provides quantitative analysis of your current body composition and evaluates the balance between your muscle and body fat. You will also be given a complete result sheet and fitness recommendations from one of our personal trainers to set personalised goals and ensure long-term success.

Core Training

Duration: 30 minutes

This session aims at strengthening the muscles of the abdominals, trunk and pelvis. The exercises range from simple and traditional to more complex movement patterns using Swiss balls, BOSU®, foam pads, foam rollers and medicine balls..

Assisted Stretching

Duration: 30 minutes

Improve your flexibility with our one-to-one stretching session that helps you eliminate any tightness in the body and relieve stress.

Kinesis™ Circuit

Duration: 30 minutes

Kinesis™ was born out of a need to bring people back to physical exercise, with the goal of improving their quality of life. The inspiring principle is to rediscover the beauty of movement through free and natural movements. Kinesis™ activates complete kinetic chains, rather than individual muscles, permitting integrated, dynamic and customised movements that align with any training goal.

Power Plate®

Duration: 30 minutes

The Power Plate® uses the principles of Acceleration Training™ to stimulate the body’s natural response to vibration. Whether you want to improve your fitness and flexibility, build up your muscles or simply improve your general health the Power Plate® will help you reach your goals.

Water conditioning

Duration: 60 minutes

Water resistance and body buoyancy make aqua training an ideal cross-training technique, no matter what your age or fitness level is. This is an opportunity to enjoy individual attention in an ultimate low impact workout in the resort pool.

Body and Mind

Active Yoga

Duration: 60 minutes

Enjoy a dynamic and complete session which focuses on strength, flexibility, balance and calming movement sequences. Yoga is an ancient discipline in which physical postures, breath practice and meditation are used as tools for achieving ultimate mind and body harmony.

Mat-Based Pilates

Duration: 60 minutes

Pilates exercises focus on what founder Joseph Pilates called the "powerhouse." Often referred to as the core, this consists of your abdominal, back, buttock and upper leg muscles. Every movement pattern requires focus on the core while adhering to principles of concentration, fluidity, balance, centering, breath and control.

Exercise Classes

Our classes range from Active Yoga and Mat-Based Pilates to Functional Training on OMNIA and Express Core.

View Current ShuiQi Fitness Classes (PDF, 476KB)

Please check The Atlantean guide on arrival to learn more about current timetables and featured classes, as these may vary depending on the season or special events.

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