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For dive courses and trips contact:

Atlantis Dive Centre
Atlantis Hotel, Crescent RD
Palm Jumeirah, Dubai UAE

Atlantis Extension: 63000
Telephone: +971 4 426 3000
Email: abdiving@emirates.net.ae

Opening Hours: 8am - 5pm

Further Information

  • All our instructors are PADI certified (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) with a combined 23 years experience over thousands of dives.
  • All certified divers must have their certification card and have dived within 12 months.
  • If you have not dived in this time we will require you to complete a PADI Scuba Review.
  • Open Water Divers will be restricted to sites no deeper than 18 metres.
  • Some medical conditions may prevent you from diving. If concerned, please speak to a doctor or our instructors.
  • As per PADI regulations you will be unable to dive up to 12 hours before a flight for single dives and 18 hours for multiple dives

Scuba Diving Trips in Dubai

Al Boom Diving offers different dive trips to suit all levels of divers. The coast around Dubai is filled with spectacular wrecks, some of which were intentionally sunk to create new habitats for marine life. Some of the wrecks date back to the 1960s and all make for very interesting insights in to the nautical history of the area.

The East Coast provides some of the best diving available in the U.A.E. Natural coral reefs flourish at coastal dive sites, supporting ample marine life, not only in variety but also numbers.
Musandam offers some of the most spectacular diving around the Arabian Peninsula.

Dive Sites in Dubai: Zainab - 10 metres, Anchor Barge - 25 metres, Hopper Barge - 25 metres, Sheikh Mohammed Barge (SMB)/ Derrick Barge (DB1) - 23 metres, Cement Barge - 12 metres, Neptune - 25 metres

Diving on the East Coast

The East Coast dives are completely different to those offered in the rest of the U.A.E. In contrast to the phenomenal wreck dives on the West Coast, the East Coast has diverse coral reefs aplenty, all of which are filled with marine life, from small blennies to black-tip reef sharks.

Dive Sites on the East Coast: Martini Rock and Shark Island - 17-25 metres, Inchcape 1 - 30 metres, and Inchcape 2 - 22 metres, Dibba Rock - 14 metres, Sharm Rocks - 12 metres

Diving In Musandam

Coral reefs are abundant throughout the Musandam, accommodating many species and numbers of tropical fish. In addition, whale sharks are spotted fairly frequently in spring months.

Dhow Excursions And Speed Boat Trips

Every Friday, Al Boom Diving runs a dhow trip out of Dibba Port. The dhow is a leisurely, relaxed trip, the dhow caters not only for pleasure divers, but also for snorkelers and sun-tanners! A fantastic day out, the dhow departs from Dibba port at 9am and returns around 4pm. Breakfast is served soon after departure, with an Arabic buffet lunch being served in between dives. Soft drinks and water are available all day. The dhow is double-decked, with bathroom and shower facilities on board.

Every weekend, Al Boom Diving runs scheduled speedboat trips to various sites throughout the Musandam Peninsula. Dive sites in Musandam: Lima Rock – 13 metres, Ras Lima – 25 metres, Ras Sanut/Wonderwall – 20 metres, Ras Saria – 18 metres, Octopus Rock – 30 metres, Sanara – 16 metres, Maruby – 25 metres, Ras Qaisah – 30 metres, Umm Al Farin – 30 metres, Red Island – 18 metres

For booking or further information please visit us at the Dive Centre or call us on +971(0)44263000 (int 63000).

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